ProXtend Industrial ONLINE UPS

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    Bộ lưu điện UPS TSINE

    Công xuất: 10-600kVA

    Hãng: TSINE

    Xuất xứ: Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

    Bảo hành: 12 tháng


    • True VFI | on-line transformer-less double conversion design
    • DSP microprocessor control, high frequency IGBT Rectifier & Inverter
    • Zero impact on source via active power factor correction at input [≥0.996],
    low THDi [≤3%]
    • Highly-efficient design [up to 95%] without sacrificing reliability,
    versatile & flexible operating modes, lower OPEX and CAPEX
    • Higher power density, maximum power at minimum footprint,
    high output power factor [0.9 as standard; 1 = Unity PF, kVA= kW available]
    offers 28.5 to 42.8% more power compared to ups systems existing in the market.
    • Intelligent battery management include a range of features designed to gain the best performance, prolong battery life and reduce their usage.
    High quality Hitachi batteries or high rate TSINE batteries are configured with XRP Series.
    (As per client’s choice)
    • Over engineered, fault-tolerant, superior serviceability design
    Scalable up to 3.2 MVA/ 3.2 MW, N+1 redundancy, maximized availability
    Unconditional rated power is supplied via UPS output to the critical loads
    connected to UPS itself. No downgrading occurs within the tolerances
    of the prespecified operating environments
    • User friendly multi-functional LED/LCD display panel

    Advanced connectivity/ communication, monitoring & management via RS232,
    dry contacts, RS485 and network management kit

    ProXtend Industrial ONLINE UPS
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